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Font examples

Simple fonts, composite fonts, embedded fonts, encoding, ttf files, special characters, right to left writing systems,... This chapter is where all your questions about fonts belong.

How to calculate/set font line distance?

How to solve an UnsupportedCharsetException when using itext-asian.jar?

Why doesn't FontFactory.GetFont() work for all fonts?

How to calculate the height of an element?

How to check if a font is bold?

How to allow a Unicode subscript symbol in a PDF without using setTextRise()?

How to introduce superscript?

Why can't I set the font of a Phrase?

How to choose the optimal size for a font?

How to restrict the number of characters on a single line?

How to introduce a custom font weight?

Why is iText embedding a font even when I specify not to embed?

How to get a font from an array?

How to use Cyrillic characters in a PDF?

How to make a single letter bold within a word?

How to apply color to Strings in a Paragraph?

How to use two different colors in a single String?

Do I need a license for Windows fonts when using iText?

How to create Persian content in PDF?

Why aren't my fonts getting registered?

Why isn't the Rupee symbol showing?

How to display indian rupee symbol?

How to use System Font in iTextSharp with

How to create a PDF with font information and embed the actual font while merging the files into a single PDF?

Why is my font not applied when I create a PDF document?

Can I embed a font only partially?

Why do I get a font embedding error when creating PDFA/1a?

How can I load a font from /WEB-INF/resources/fonts/foobar.ttf?

How can I use regular and bold in a single String?

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