Release date: Oct 25, 2023

pdfHTML is an iText Core add-on for Java and .NET to create PDF from HTML/XML (and associated CSS).

In this release, we’ve continued our work on pdfHTML’s advanced multicolumn support by supporting the CSS break-inside, break-after, and break-before properties for column-count.

There’s a significant improvement in the font selection algorithm for font families with several width classes, as pdfHTML will now consider all font names within a family, and choosing the best matching one.

Another addition to our flex container support is the support for vertical flex-direction pagination. For example, if you want to expand a flex container onto different pages if the content will not fit on a single page.

In other news, pdfHTML will now support SVG tags when using HtmlConverter#convertToElements, and there’s a fix for the incorrect vertical alignment of inline-block elements in table cells.

New features

  • Column-count: support break-inside, break-after and break-before properties

  • Pagination for vertical flex-direction of flex container


  • Consider all font family fields in font selection
  • Support of SVG tag when using HtmlConverter#convertToElements


  • Incorrect vertical alignment for inline-block elements in table cells


iText 7: Converting HTML to PDF with pdfHTML

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