Release date: October 25, 2022

pdfHTML is an iText 7 add-on for Java and .NET to create PDF from HTML (and associated CSS).

The big news for this release is the addition of support for CSS4 device-cmyk colors. Until now pdfHTML only supported CSS RGB colors for direct conversion to PDF, although a workaround was possible by using convertToElements (Java/.NET) rather than convertToPdf (Java/.NET). However, we decided to add initial support for device-cmyk following a request from a customer who wanted to make use of this functionality to optimize their workflow.

Note that this functionality is not available out of the box since device-cmyk is classed as an experimental feature in CSS, and only exists in CSS working drafts. To enable device-cmyk notation you'll need to change the validation rules with the CssDeclarationValidationMaster#setValidator static method (Java/.NET) before working with html2pdf. There are currently 2 validators: CssDefaultValidator – the default validator which uses the previous rules of CSS validation and CssDeviceCmykAwareValidator – which, as the name suggests does support this experimental feature.

See the example linked below for more details.

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  • Support for device-cmyk 


iText 7: Converting HTML to PDF with pdfHTML

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