Release date: April 14, 2021

We are really proud of our job for the pdfHTML 3.0.4 release, since it brings quite a few improvements and raises pdfHTML to a new level for the creation of PDFs from HTML templates.

The most important feature that has been added is the initial support of the CSS Flexible Layout Box module. This module is currently very popular, as it makes it much easier to design a flexible responsive layout structure without using floats or positioning.

While pdfHTML isn`t able to handle all properties defined in this module quite yet, we expect to widen the number of supported ones in the coming releases. You can refer to the examples section to get insight into how flexbox can be already used for PDF creation.

Another great improvement is performance-related, where the processing of extremely large block elements containing hundreds of children and occupying dozens of pages in the output file takes a few times less memory and computing resources for now. Of course, we have an example for this linked below as well.

Besides that, a few annoying bugs have been fixed such as the handling of percentage width values for inline-block elements, or rendering cells distributed between two pages of the output PDF.

The icing on the cake is we've also made improvements to pdfHTML's logging. So now, it will make it much easier to find unsupported styles in your HTML files, since all unsupported flex-related CSS properties and unsupported property values are now recorded.

Head on down to the Changelog for more details.

Release Related Examples

New Features

  • initial support of flexbox module 


  • performance of extremely long layout element processing
  • support of justify-content and align-items properties
  • logging of all unsupported flex-related CSS properties and unsupported property values


  • fix percent value of inline-block width
  • fix changing of column width after cell`s overflow 
  • fix incorrect handling of min-height and max-height
  • fix handling of the page-break-after property inside of page-break-inside: avoid
  • fix NPE when a cell exceeds over two pages


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