Release date: October 22, 2020

In this release, we added a feature which a number of customers have requested.

This is the grouping of parsed values in the output XML file based on their y position, which is a feature that can be useful in numerous cases.

It is available in the Expert mode of the template editor as groupByTb: dataFieldName yet you shouldn`t need to be an expert to start using it.
We've provided an example showing how this works but if you are familiar with the expert mode of pdf2Data you can probably just skip the example and start playing around with it yourself!

We also improved the fontSize selector so that it now accepts a range instead of the exact value.

Release Related Examples

iText pdf2Data – 2.1.9 (Java API)N/AN/AN/Alink
iText pdf2Data – 2.1.9 (.NET API)N/AN/Alinklink

New Features

  • Grouping extracted values in the expert mode


  • The fontSize can be selected from a range (in the expert mode)

Installation Instructions

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