Sign module

Also see Bouncy-castle related changelog.

Breaking change

IExternalSignature interface:

  • getHashAlgorithm is renamed to getDigestAlgorithmName
  • getEncryptionAlgorithm is renamed to getSignatureAlgorithmName

PrivateKeySignature class implements IExternalSignature. So the changes are similar:

  • getHashAlgorithm is renamed to getDigestAlgorithmName
  • getEncryptionAlgorithm is renamed to getSignatureAlgorithmName
  • getSigantureMechanism become private (from public)

PdfPKCS7 class:

  • getHashAlgorithm is renamed to getDigestAlgorithmName
  • getDigestEncryptionAlgorithmOid is renamed to getSignatureMechanismOid
  • getDigestAlgorithm is renamed to getSignatureMechanismName
  • getEncryptionAlgorithm is renamed to getSignatureAlgorithmName
  • setExternalDigest is renamed to setExternalSignatureValue
EncryptionAlgorithms class is renamed to SignatureMechanisms

Commons module

Breaking changeUpgrade path

ZipFileReader class:

  • IOException is added as a thrown exception to getFileNames() method
Update usages in tests only.

DateTimeUtil class

  • method getCurrentTimeZoneOffset() is removed
Replaced by  DateTimeUtil#getCurrentTimeZoneOffset(Date)

IO module

Breaking changeUpgrade path

IoLogMessageConstant class, the following unused constants are removed:


UrlUtil class:

Method getFinalURL(URL initialUrl) is removed

Use UrlUtil.getInputStreamOfFinalConnection(URL) instead.

CMapCidByte class is renamed to CMapCidToCodepoint

FontCache class:

  • getCid2Byte method is renamed to getCidToCodepointCmap

CMapEncoding class:

  • containsCodeInCodeSpaceRange method is removed (was moved to PdfType0Font as a private method).
Update usages.

Styled-xml-parser module

Breaking changeUpgrade path

DataUtil class:

  • Method mimeBoundary() is removed
Update usages in tests only.

Forms module

See Forms related changelog.

Kernel module

Breaking changeUpgrade path

PdfNameTree is extended from GenericNameTree:

  • Returned type from getNames() method is changed from Map<String, PdfObject> to Map<PdfString, PdfObject>
Update usages.

PdfDestination, PdfExplicitDestination, PdfExplicitRemoteGoToDestination, PdfNamedDestination, PdfStringDestination and PdfStructureDestination classes:

  • in getDestinationPage parameter Map<String, PdfObject> is changed to IPdfNameTreeAccess.
Update usages.

Switch to new IPdfFunction hierarchy instead of old PdfFunction:

  • Constructors for DeviceN and Separation classes which take deprecated PdfFunction were removed.
  • Public methods of PdfShading were switched to using IPdfFunction instead of deprecated PdfFunction.
Update usages.

Two constants are removed from KernelExceptionMessageConstant:


Method getUniMapFromOrdering(String ordering) is removed from PdfType0Font.Use method getUniMapFromOrdering(String, boolean) instead
Method storeLinkAnnotation is removed from PdfDocument.Internal usage, use method storeDestinationToReaddress
Class PdfFunction is removed.

Use classes PdfType0Function, PdfType2Function, PdfType3Function

or PdfType4Function instead.   

SVG module

Breaking change

SvgExceptionMessageConstant class, the following constants are removed: