How to download the iText 7 or iText 5 license key library manually, or using Maven or NuGet.

NOTE: These instructions apply to both iText 5 and iText 7.

For iText versions 5.5.13 and later, we changed to use the same license key version as for iText 7. Download the license key library from the iText 7 link below for Java or .NET.


Alternatively, you can use the following instructions for our supported dependency managers:


You'll need to add the iText Artifactory server,, as an additional repository in the repositories section of your pom.xml, as described in the Maven documentation. Then you can add the following dependency to your dependencies to install the latest version:

  <!-- iText 7 License Key Library -->


The license key library can be downloaded from NuGet.

If you need information about installing the license key library or loading your license key, see the installation guide.