pdfOptimizer is iText's latest and greatest innovation in the PDF document space. It provides extensive additive functionality to our Core libraries, specifically within the realms of compression and modification of attributes within documents.

Code Sample:

Below is a fully-featured code snippet demonstrating each of pdfOptimizer's currently released features as of our 1.0.1 stable release. In this code snippet, we cover the following features:

Font Duplication Optimization:

Refers to the removal of duplicate instances of entire font files, or duplicate embedded subsets of font files within a PDF document.

Font Subsetting Optimization:

Allows the embedding of just the glyph data actually being utilized by text in a document, instead of all of the glyph data from a font file to be embedded.

Image Scaling Control & Compression:

Empowers users to both scale down the resolution of embedded images in PDF documents, as well as apply a deflator compression algorithm to further save on space.

Colorspace Conversion:

Enables a user to transfer a document's color scheme from RGB to CMYK, or vice versa.

As our development team continues to add more functionality to this stable release, however, this example will expand significantly!

Below this code snippet are input and output documents for each optimization handler so that viewers may see the efficacy of PdfOptimizer first-hand.


Font Duplication Optimization:  

Input (278 kb)    |  Output (41 kb) .

Font Subsetting Optimization:   

Input (269 kb)    |  Output (45 kb). 

Image Quality Optimization:      

Input (5 845 kb) |  Output (138 kb) 

Color Space Conversion:           

 Input (67 kb)      |   Output (56 kb)

Download PdfOptimizer 1.0.1  (Java  .NET