In release version 3.0.3 of the pdfHTML add-on, we have added full support for the background property, this includes HTML as well as background-related CSS properties.

Features like multiple backgrounds (background: url(“image1.jpg”),url(“image2.jpg”) ), background-repeat, background-size, background-position(X and Y) and background-box were added.

You can consult the w3 website for more information, and a full list of the supported background tags and CSS properties.

In addition, the existing background CSS property support was thoroughly tested and some bugs were fixed.

As a highlighted example, below is a screenshot of some simple HTML where a div element has a CSS declared multi-image background:

In previous versions, pdfHTML would select the first image only, now with the new release a result is shown with both images present.

The pdfHTML code for generating the HTML remains the same: