Type3 fonts are user-defined fonts in which arbitrary characters are mapped to custom glyphs. For instance, a character A can be mapped into a colored image representing a character A.

However, in more complex cases these mappings can represent graphics that do not directly correspond to actual glyphs. This presents a challenge in cases where mappings/glyph names are used to represent glyphs, or in cases where glyphs are redacted or extracted in order to be mapped to actual glyph names.

The scenarios where this can be problematic is when attempting to extract or redact text that uses a Type3 font, or trying to read fonts for stamping mode in which standard glyph names are used to identify glyphs.

In version 7.1.16 of iText 7 Core you can now read and re-save Type3 glyphs that have non-standard names. In addition, these fonts can now be modified without implications during stamping/append mode.

Code Snippet:

Below is a code example that demonstrates a cleanup operation involving text written using Type3 fonts


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