The BBox, or the Bounding Box, is the smallest rectangle that can enclose all the content on the page. The values represented by the bounding box area should be accurate as they can be used to calculate the size of the enclosed content. 

However, in older versions of iText the returned values of a BBox (height and width) were slightly misrepresentative of the actual values represented in the PDF page. For instance, if one calculated a BBox of a paragraph and used its values to fit the paragraph into a cell with a fixed height, the paragraph would not fit in the cell and would therefore get clipped. 

The 7.2.4 release of iText 7 Core now accurately calculates the BBox dimensions and can consistently return the actual values of any page content. 

 Example Code:

The following code snippet creates a table cell, adds it to the table, and then reads the area occupied by the cell by returning its BBox. The height/width values of the returned BBox are then applied to the same cell. 

In older versions, the text inside the cell gets clipped, proving that the BBox dimensions are miscalculated. 

As of iText 7 Core version 7.2.4, the text fits into the cell.