Legacy notice!

iText 5 is the previous major version of iText’s leading PDF SDK. iText 5 is EOL, and is no longer developed, although we still provide support and security fixes. Switch your project to iText 8, our latest version which supports the latest PDF standards and technologies.
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iText 5.5.11 is a maintenance release that rolls up 28 bugfixes from the past 5 months. 

iText 5.5.11 Core for Java and .NET

  • 28 bugfixes from the past 5 months.
  • No new functionality has been added since 5.5.10.

iText 5.5.11 Core


Dropped rows with direct table rendering
CriticalDEV-1813xfaIncorrect Fonts used when XFA form is flattened.
CriticalDEV-1815xfaError appearing in .NET version of XFA Worker but not Java
Producer line can be changed when creating file
CriticalDEV-1829xfaIncorrect fonts used when flattening XFA
CriticalDEV-1836xfaXFAWorker flattens to incorrect field value
MajorDEV-1811xfaXFA: input pages look nothing like output
MajorDEV-1816xfaField Bord distortion when flattening XFA document with drop-down fields
Form Field flattening not respecting rotation
MajorDEV-1837xfaBackground color not consistent once file is flattened
MajorDEV-1844text-extractionIgnore /Differences entries that come out over 255 in extraction


Supply markedContentInfo to ImageRenderInfo

New features

Pull Request #27: Support for TIFF w/o compression