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I have 2 numbers one above the other, but the first one must have an Strikethrough. I'm using a table and a cell to put both numbers in the table, is there a way to meet my requirement?

Posted on StackOverflow on Feb 19, 2015 by Ischaves

Please take a look at the SimpleTable6 example:

Screen shot

Screen shot

In the first row, we strike through a number using a STRIKETHRU font:

Font font = new Font(FontFamily.HELVETICA, 12f, Font.STRIKETHRU);
table.addCell(new Phrase("0123456789", font));

In this case, iText has made a couple of decisions for you: where do I put the line? How thick is the line?

If you want to make these decisions yourself, you can use the setUnderline() method:

chunk1.setUnderline(1.5f, -1);
table.addCell(new Phrase(chunk1));
Chunk chunk2 = new Chunk("0123456789");
chunk2.setUnderline(1.5f, 3.5f);
table.addCell(new Phrase(chunk2));

If you pass a negative value for the y-offset parameter, the Chunk will be underlined (see first column). You can also use this method to strike through text by passing a positive y-offset.

As you can see, we also defined the thickness of the line (1.5f). There is another setUnderline() method that also allows you to pass the following parameters:

  • color - the color of the line or null to follow the text color

  • thickness - the absolute thickness of the line

  • thicknessMul - the thickness multiplication factor with the font size

  • yPosition - the absolute y position relative to the baseline

  • yPositionMul - the position multiplication factor with the font size

  • cap - the end line cap. Allowed values are PdfContentByte.LINE_CAP_BUTT, PdfContentByte.LINE_CAP_ROUND and PdfContentByte.LINE_CAP_PROJECTING_SQUARE

See the API documentation for Chunk for more info.

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