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iText 5 is the previous major version of iText's leading PDF SDK. iText 5 has been EOL, and is no longer developed. Switch your project to iText 7, integrating the latest developments.
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These are some questions about iText in general. They aren't always about a technical problem, but they can be about a basic concept that needs to be explained in more detail.

How can I log the number of documents / bytes I've processed?

How can I serve a PDF to a browser without storing a file on the server side?

How to add text at an absolute position on the top of the first page?

How to adjust the page height to the content height?

How to change the spacing between words and characters?

How to create a list without indentation?

How to create a new PDF file if a file name already exists?

How to create an uncompressed PDF file?

How to define the page size based on the content?

How to detect if PDF has compressed xref table in Java?

How to enable LTV for a timestamp signature?

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How to get the current page count?

How to hyphenate text?

How to increase the accuracy of measurements in iTextSharp?

How to keep specific words together on one line?

How to prevent the resizing of pages in PDF?

How to set initial view properties?

Unit Testing and Automated Testing Questions

What is the difference between getPageLabels and getPageLabelFormats?

When is the content flushed to a PDF File by iTextSharp?

Which PDF filters are used to encode data?

Why do I get a "Could not find PdfGraphics2D" error?

Why do I get a "getOutputStream() has already been called for this response" error in JSP?

Why do I get a BouncyCastle NoClassDefFoundError?

Why do I get a message saying 1.not.found.as.a.resource?