2.3.8 Release


  • Fixes highlighting in databinding modal when filter is applied.
  • Fixes data panel opening from conditional formatting modal.
  • Fixes duplication of CSS when importing composition templates.
  • Fixes when closing notifications.
  • Fixes on importing templates when user has custom role.


  • Improvements to properties list.
  • Allows renaming templates on Child workspaces.
  • Remove scrollbars on thumbnails on Windows platform.
  • When changes to any field property (e.g. name, type or required) are applied, the data tree keeps its state after re-rendering.

New features

  • Support background/foreground property for Watermark

Background work (Preparation for features in next releases)

  • Carry on background work to accept data structures in different data formats.
  • Carry on background work to accept templates in different formats.