iText DITO follows a numerical, semantic versioning pattern with major, minor and patch releases:

  • Major releases are breaking releases. They typically contain new features, overhauls and redesigns that are not compatible with earlier versions of the application.
  • Minor releases introduce significant new features and improvements.
  • Patch releases contain bug fixes and small improvements to existing features.

Major releases increase the first digit of the release number, minor releases increase the second digit and patch releases increase the third digit. For example, v. 2.5.3 is the third patch release of the fifth minor release of the second major release of the application.

Release Cadence

iText DITO has a fixed 4-monthly minor release cadence. These minor releases are shipped in March, July and November and they extensively communicated through iText's online channels. In between two minor releases any number of patch releases may be shipped. There is a minimal gap of 20 calendar months between consecutive major releases.