The 2.2 release of iText DITO is out! Discover its new features and capabilities.

We are excited to announce the general availability of iText DITO 2.2. This latest release of iText's high-convenience PDF document generator now uses the same licensing mechanism that was introduced with the release of iText 7.2. With the release of iText DITO 2.2 we have changed our containers to be run as a non-root user, allowing you to set users instead of running containers as ROOT; additionally, the 2.2 release of iText DITO now allows users to deploy the DITO Template Manager application to a Kubernetes environment! 

iText DITO 2.2.0 Manager/Editor DeploymentKotlin helper script to deploy iText DITO Manager and Editor - Instructions & downloads, Kubernetes helper script to deploy iText DITO Manager - Instructions & downloads

Pull SDK image from Dockerhub, Pull Docker SDK Secure Proxy image from Dockerhub - Instructions

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The most remarkable additions in the 2.2 release are:

  • Upgrade to new LicenseKey mechanism;
  • Switch Docker containers to be run as non-root users;
  • Switch to only logging to stdout by default in Docker SDK;
  • Implement new evaluation mode for page counters to save up some speed;
  • Introduce autocomplete component in front-end components and use it in Editor;
  • Migrate anchor ID and alternative link text properties;
  • Avoid modfiying the exploded template package directory when using PdfProducer methods;
  • Implementation of Child workspaces
  • Added setting option to make version comment a required field

From all of us here at iText, we wish you happy templating!


  • iText DITO Editor - Now use new UI by default instead of using legacy UI by default;
  • iText DITO Editor - Implemented normalization notifications for normalizations performed;
  • iText DITO Editor - Added support for new tags when binding to rich text;
  • iText DITO Editor - Redesigned edit condition dialog;
  • iText DITO Editor - Allows users to make version comment a required field depending on a configurable setting;
  • iText DITO Editor - Redesigned checkbox;
  • iText DITO Manager - Implemented warning icons in instances table for broken ones;
  • iText DITO Manager - Improved embedded stylesheet name handling during legacy import;
  • iText DITO Manager - Sub account management to allow for multiple workspaces;
  • iText DITO Manager - Allows users to replace a broken SDK instance with a healthy one;
  • iText DITO Manager - Updated validation to avoid conflict between workspace alias name and existing path;
  • iText DITO Manager - Added pagination capabilities;
  • iText DITO Manager - Displays template normalization warnings on template import;
  • iText DITO Manager - Improve validation for First and Last names when creating/editing user;
  • iText DITO Manager - Improve notification on legacy import failure;
  • iText DITO SDK/API - Support Docker-SDK startup in internet-isolated environments


  • Template Settings modal from legacy mode is shown in Redesigned version from PDF/UA warnings panel;
  • 1-cell table inserted in header template has a default width of 0% while 1-cell table inserted in std template has a default width of 100%;
  • Promotion path broken by api update;
  • Template is exported with all versions of data samples when exporting only latest versions;
  • Template is not imported when data samples and data collection versions do not match;
  • Security vulnerabilities in frontend & backend;
  • Incorrect internal stylesheet is generated for workspace fonts with non-identifier characters in the name;
  • Filter is not being added to subform binding via wizard;
  • CLAIR-Scanner issue;
  • Normalization report error;
  • Workspace resources URL contains generic all resources URL;
  • Сluttered field picker on long field values;
  • Template is not imported if the image resource of template already exists;
  • Template import into editor fails because of the "managerVersion" field in metadata;
  • Incorrect selection of table rows in editing area;
  • Built in fonts are not recognized in RichText elements (Chrome only);
  • Email validator does not allow dashes;
  • "This workspace name already exist" error when trying to change workspace alias;
  • Copy/paste doesn't work after renaming of the element in Firefox;
  • Security vulnerabilities in DB and frontend containers;
  • Users are not allowed to go to edit the template until the preview is loaded;
  • The template dependencies are applied to all workspaces;
  • Kubernetes deploy script: "RuntimeException": execution timed out;
  • Promotion path has bad performance;
  • Legacy Import - Can't get details about failed import; Cannot open repair report after importing broken archive;
  • Import Template- Can't import template with empty comment; Incorrect processing report for broken archive; Incorrect error message in modal when import is failed;
  • Template Management - Can't import broken template with non unique name; The first version of template does not belong to any stage;

  • Fix crash with charts;
  • Fix npm audit report;
  • Fix the Type Script error after the redux-toolkit updating;
  • Resource dependencies - Cannot clear Dependent item filtering after page refresh


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