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Working with Projects

What is an iText DITO Project?

In iText DITO a collection of one or more templates is called a Project or a Template Package. In principle, you could add multiple templates to a package (e.g. translated copies of a template in other languages or slightly different variants of the template), but the typical use case is to create a separate project for each of your templates. There is no limitation on the number of projects you can create within your account.

Projects can be exported and stored in a local or shared location. When the template(s) within the project are completed and ready to be used for document generation, they can be deployed to an iText DITO Server instance. 

Apart from one ore more templates, a project can contain other items:

  • Resources - such as images or fonts that are used across the template(s) in the project
  • Data - a data structure that can be used to include date bindings in the template(s). The data structure should be provided in the json format (JavaScript Object Notation). 

Creating a New Project

From the Start Screen

To create a new project you open the start screen of the iText DITO Editor. Underneath the New section,

  • click Blank output template to create a new project with one output template (to be used for PDF document generation), or
  • click Blank input template to create a new project with one input template (to be used for user input collection via a web form).

Give your new project a name and create the project. Please note that project names can not contain spaces or special characters other than".", "_" or "-".

Your newly created project will open on the output or input template you created, ready to be edited.

From within Another Project

You can create a new project from within the edit view of another project. To do so, either click Project>New in the menu bar or press Ctrl+Alt+N

Saving and Exporting Projects 

Saving a Project

To keep the changes that you have made to the templates in your project, you can save the project. To save your work, either click Project>Save in the menu bar or press Ctrl+S

Another option is to preview the template. iText DITO will detect any unsaved changes in your active template and prompt you to save your changes before you preview. Click the

icon in the view mode switch to preview your template or press Ctrl+M, P.

You cannot undo changes you made to the template before you last saved it. 

Exporting a Project

To use a project for document generation, you will need to deploy it as a *.dito archive to your iText DITO Server instance. In order to create that *.dito archive, you need to export your project. To export your project, either click Project>Export in the menu bar or press Ctrl+Alt+E.

Opening Existing Projects

From the Start Screen

To open an existing project form the start screen, locate the Open project area at the bottom of the start screen.

  • Click the folder icon to select a DITO archive from your file explorer
  • or drag and drop a DITO archive to the drop zone

Either of these actions will open the project in the iText DITO Editor.

From within Another Project

To open a different project from within the iText DITO Editor, either click Project>Import in the menu bar or press Ctrl+Alt+I

If you want to return to your current project later, make sure to save and export it first.

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