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.Working with Data Samples viText_DITO_1.3

The concept of iText DITO is that templates are merged with data to produce PDF documents. The data format that iText DITO supports is JSON. You can insert JSON data samples to ease the process of data binding and to preview the template with relevant data.

Adding and Editing Data Samples

To add or edit a data sample, go to data mapping mode. 

In the Data Connections panel, select the samples tab and click the + icon to add a new data sample.

A dialog will open in which you can paste json code in between the curly braces. The default name of the sample is 'data.json', but you can change this to anything else.

Paste valid json and click create.

In the Samples pane you will now see your a more human-readable version of the json. In the data collection, N-1 relationships are marked with { }, whereas 1-N relations (arrays) are marked with [ ]

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