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.iText DITO 2.4 viText_DITO_2.3

The 2.4 release of iText DITO is out! 

We are excited to announce the general availability of iText DITO 2.4. 

iText DITO 2.4.0 Manager/Editor Cluster Deployment

Kotlin helper script to deploy iText DITO Manager and Editor - Instructions & downloads

Kubernetes helper script to deploy iText DITO - instructions & downloads


Deploy SDK - Instructions & downloads

Pull SDK image from Dockerhub, Pull Docker SDK Secure Proxy image from Dockerhub - Instructions

iText DITO 2.4.0 Java SDK/APIJar file download
iText DITO 2.4.0 Release The 2.4 release Blogpost can be found here & the 2.4 Release Preview Guide can be found here

Release Notes:

The most remarkable additions in the 2.4 release are:

  • Support to rename SDK instances.
  • Support to HTML tags on rich text.
  • Support to add images and CSS from imported resources.
  • More informative error messages.
  • Support to create composition templates with different data collections.
  • Support for workspaces.
  • Support to select multiple fields in common components.
  • Support to add watermarks to templates.
  • Support to copy/clone templates.
  • New permissions to access the advance settings.
  • Support for DateField.
  • New Material UI.
  • New Licenses Viewer.

From all of us here at iText, we wish you happy templating!



  • iText DITO Editor - Performance improvements for templates with hundred of versions.
  • iText DITO Editor - Improved composition template wizard.
  • iText DITO Editor - Improved labels on font uploads.


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