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iText DITO 2.2.5

2.2.5 Release


There is now a setting option to make system-wide announcements, which can be useful when there is maintenance work. 

Below is an image of the new entry in the 'Advanced settings':

There is a clickable link labeled, "Set server motto" which will bring up a modal similar to this:

Once the motto is set, the announcement is shown to all users of the system, in all workspaces.

This permission for motto configuration is assigned to Administrators of the root workspace (and Global Administrators) and is non-configurable for now.


For the Editor, we have redesigned the composite control for link text, URI & image link URI. 

This will help give it the update look that will be consistent with the rest of the Editor interface. 

We now support the possibility for concat() function to properly work with empty arrays rather than giving users an exception. 

The new behavior for the empty arrays will be to return empty string. 

We have also updated our Calculations documentation that details this a bit further, which you can find here. 

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