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iText DITO 2.2.2

2.2.2 Release


1) Our developers have addressed an issue some of our users faced when importing a .dito template.

Previously the import would fail which would prompt an error message to appear, this has since been addressed and resolved. 

2When a template's name was too long, it would run out of the message box that contains the template's name as shown in the example below:

This has now been resolved so the entire name of the template is displayed, regardless of the length. 


We have now given users the ability to copy the content from the 'Existing sample' onto the 'Custom data' section in the preview dialog.

This copied data is only available temporarily, if you want to permanently add a new data sample or even a new data collection, please go to data management in the Manager. 

Our developers have fixed the crash that occurred when creating a conditional formatting style in Firefox. 

We have also fixed the unexpected scrolling that takes place when you tried entering rich text editing mode by clicking on big rich text. 

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