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iText DITO 2.2.1

2.2.1 Release


1) We have addressed a previous issue where the checkmark disappears after choosing a security role. 
When users would filter the Security Role column title, and mark one item, the checkmark would disappear while the security role is displayed in the list. 

When choosing a second security role, all the checkmarks are visible. 

In addition to this issue, we have addressed the error message that appears when typing a user name.

Previously when you opened up the 'Manage delegated users window', and click on the 'Select users field', an error message would appear once you started typing the user name.

This issue has also been resolved so no error message should appear. 

2) The DITO Manager had a problem where it couldn't accept files larger than 8 MB, however, now specifying the environment in .env will fix this issue & the UI will reflect the change of the max uploaded file size, displaying the relevant value. 


Our development team are currently making efforts to redesign the Editor so that it has a more updated look and feel to it, giving our users the best experience possible.


1) We have added SDK autoscaling capabilities to the deployment script. This will allow our script to handle multiple SDK instances tied to the same state (volume).

The Manager views that group of instances as a single SDK instance.

2) There has been a change to make the timeouts for each request on the frontend side customizable which gives our users more flexibility compared to the previous hardcoded timeout that was used for each request. 

In addition to this customization, we have improved the automated message that appears on request timeouts so that it will give you a more detailed explanation. 

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