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iText DITO 1.5

The 1.5 Release of iText DITO is out! Discover its new features and capabilities.

We are excited to announce the general availability of iText DITO 1.5.

This latest release of iText's high-convenience PDF document generator contains several new template design features.

iText DITO v. 1.5.0 API

Download Java version (Artifactory) or use REST-based Docker image

iText DITO v. 1.5.0 EditorDownload files for local deployment (Artifactory) or start a free 30-day online trial 
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Release Notes:

The most remarkable additions in the 1.5 release are:

  • Easy to define display formatting options for data binds; 
  • Improved color management;
  • Support for a broader set of text decorations and case conversions;
  • Deprecation of input templates.

From all of us here at iText, we wish you happy templating!



  • Template Editor - Easy to define display formatting options for data binds as text, number, currency amount, percentage, date and time; 
  • Template Editor - Introduction of a new color picker;
  • Template Editor - Support for a broader set of text decorations (strikethrough) and case conversions (upper case, lower case, sentence case);
  • Template Editor - Deprecation of input templates;
  • Template Editor - Revisited control bar that scales better on smaller screens;
  • Template Editor - Better shortcut and multiselect support for Mac users;
  • Template Editor - Support for undo/redo for conditional styles actions;
  • Template Editor - Improved copying of rich text from external sources/ cleanup of unsupported styles;
  • Template Editor - Capability to open a specific template within a specific project with a single URL;
  • Template Editor - Improved selection of elements (color overlay);
  • Template Editor - Improved cross-browser, cross-tab copying/pasting of template elements;
  • Template Editor - Support for Myanmar script in output templates;
  • Template Editor - Improved handling of data sample deletion;
  • API - Docker Image - Improved, less bloated base image based on alpine; 
  • API - PDF-producer Method - Improved performance on PDFs that contain date/time formatting;


  • Upon deletion of a conditional content selection inside a rich text element, new content typed immediately after the deleted conditional selection restores the deleted condition;
  • Checkboxes on Properties Panel for some barcode types are misaligned on smaller screen estate;
  • Occasionally in the Template Elements Panel dragging and dropping a template element into a collapsed element, results in an infinite loading spinner;
  • Pressing ctrl+z shortkey when color picker is active resets the active color to black instead of the previously selected color;
  • Occasionally the Editor application crashes when opening the field selection modal on an invalid data bind;
  • numberToText operator returns incorrect values for some numbers in Thai;
  • When opened with the arrow down key the anchor ID drop down in the Properties Panel closes when the arrow up key is pressed, without applying the set changes;
  • Validations on substrings of a rich text element are executed when removing the focus from the rich text element instead of immediately after insertion of the item that needs to be validated; 
  • When inserting an image in PDF/UA mode, while the focus is on a rich text element, the focus isn't shifted to the inserted image, but remains on the rich text element;
  • Drag & drop of an image inside a rich text element results in the insertion of a link to the image resource inside the rich text element, whereas dragging and dropping an image should only be possible on image elements;
  • Template packages that contain an empty unnamed embedded stylesheet mistakenly produce a template repair repair report with a warning;
  • Pressing ctrl+z shortkey on individually set margins only undoes changes to the left and right margin values, not the top and bottom margin values.


  • Input templates are deprecated
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