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iText DITO 1.4

The 1.4 Release of iText DITO is out! Discover its new features and capabilities.

We are excited to announce the general availability of iText DITO 1.4.

This latest release of iText's high-convenience PDF document generator contains several new template design features and extended API capabilities.

iText DITO v. 1.4.0 API

Download Java version (Artifactory) or use Docker image

iText DITO v. 1.4.0 EditorDownload files for local deployment (Artifactory) or start a free 30-day online trial 
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Release Notes:

The most remarkable additions in the 1.4 release are:

  • the capability to generate two-dimensional and three-dimensional barcodes based on alphanumeric data; 
  • the capability to style text based on a condition;
  • the capability to resolve html text formatting tags passed though the json payload;
  • the capability to password-protect generated PDFs.

From all of us here at iText, we wish you happy templating!



  • Template Editor - Data binding - Introduction of the capability to generate Code 128, Code 39, Codabar, EAN-8, EAN-13, Interleaved 2 of 5, MSI, Postnet, Planet, PDF 417, QR code and Data matrix barcodes
  • Template Editor - Data binding - Introduction of the capability to format text conditionally
  • Template Editor - Data binding - Introduction of the capability resolve html text formatting tags
  • Template Editor - Data binding - support for boolean values in condition wizard
  • Template Editor - General - Improved usage of screen estate on smaller-sized screens
  • Template Editor - General - Improved line height calculation and image positioning
  • Template Editor - General  Improved handling of large data samples
  • Template Editor - General - Support for Microsoft Edge 79.0 and higher
  • Template Editor - General - Improved rendering of diacritical marks for Arabic and Khmer scripts
  • Template Editor - General - several stability improvements
  • Template Editor - Preview - Warning messages from pdfProductionResult shown to the user at preview
  • Java API - pdfProductionResult - Introduction of warning messages for a variety of issues
  • Java/Docker API - pdfEncryption - Introduction of pdfEncryptionProperties to set user and owner password and configure encryption levels 


  • Display format field appears randomly when edit of calculation is interrupted by clicking outside of the calculation component
  • Comparison value field in condition settings dialog not greyed for all operators that don't expect a comparison value (e.g. is empty)
  • Unresolved PDF/UA warnings persist occasionally when a new project is created within the same browser session
  • Unnecessary unsaved changes detected when user opens a dialog and applies the current configuration again
  • Unwanted capability to edit multiple rich text elements at the same time when ctrl key is pressed down during selection
  • Moving multiple elements at once to another hierarchy level in the template elements tree fails
  • moneyToText and numberToText calculation returns incorrect results for Thai locale.
  • Letter-spacing control fails to prevent some cases of invalid input
  • Image width of unlinked images calculates incorrectly
  • Current parameter input in calculation is cleared when expression function is switched to custom
  • After removal, data bind properties are treated as empty instead of missing
  • The shortcut hotkey to switch between modes does not work when the focus is on the Conditions pane
  • The shortcut hotkey to save a template does not work when the focus is on an input field in the Properties pane
  • List of data samples can be ordered differently depending on the operating system of the machine to which iText DITO is deployed.
  • UI doesn't show field name of highlighted field in the field selector of the condition settings wizard
  • Editor application occasionally crashes after updating a condition on a selection of a rich text element with unsaved changes
  • Copy-paste of a sub-form from another template in the same page is undone after browser tab refresh
  • Occasionally Conditions pane fails to display conditions correctly after switching between templates within the same project
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