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iText DITO 1.3

The v. 1.3 Release of iText DITO is out! Discover its new features and capabilities.

We are excited to announce the general availability of the v. 1.3 release of iText DITO. This new version of iText's low-code PDF document generation product introduces several new template design capabilities and optimizations of existing features. The addition of these new capabilities contributes to materialize iText's vision of a comprehensive document generation product that empowers business users to design amazing templates.  

iText DITO v. 1.3.0 SDK

Download files for local deployment (Artifactory) or use Docker image

iText DITO v. 1.3.0 EditorDownload files for local deployment (Artifactory) or start a free 30-day online trial 
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Release Notes: 

The 1.3 release of iText DITO empowers template designers to create richer templates through a low-code experience. The most remarkable additions in this release are

  • the introduction of a wizard-based approach to define conditional logic in a template; 
  • the capability to filter loops based on a condition;
  • the general availability of the PDF/UA Compliance Assistant;
  • the introduction of a new, codeless experience to insert page breaks

From all of us here at iText, we wish you happy templating!



  • Template Editor - General - Introduction of the capability to set visibility conditions
  • Template Editor - General - Introduction of the capability to filter a loop via syntax
  • Template Editor - General - Introduction of the capability to insert page break via the UI instead of CSS
  • Template Editor - General - Several UI performance improvements
  • Template Editor - General - Improved UI for warnings and error messages
  • Template Editor - General - Updated Java dependencies to include latest security patches
  • Template Editor - Calculations - Introduction of the size() function to count the number of items in a data array
  • Template Editor - PDF/UA - Introduction of interactive warnings panel for PDF/UA related issues
  • Template Editor - PDF/UA - Introduced configuration of alternative description for hyperlinks
  • Template Editor - PDF/UA - Improved tagging for headers and footers
  • Template Editor - PDF/UA - Promoted PDF/UA compliance assistant from preview mode to general availability mode
  • Java SDK - General - Updated Java dependencies to include latest security patches
  • Java SDK - General - Underlying iText Core foundation layer updated to v. 7.1.10


  • Generated PDF/UA documents that contain checked check boxes are validated as non-compliant 
  • Error message notifications fail to load when an invalid template package is uploaded a second time
  • Occasionally memory footprint and CPU usage reach unexpected levels when adding a very high number of rich text elements and data binds in a template
  • PDF preview crashes on a specific line of text in Gujarati script
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