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.How to Update Your SDK Instance to a Newer Version: viText_DITO_1.3

You want to first make sure that you stop your current SDK instance container from running on Docker. 

Pull the images of the version to want to update your SDK instance from Docker:

Pull the images

docker pull itext/dito-sdk:{upgraded version}

Start the new SDK Instance in the Same Directories and Port Number as Your Last One 

If you would like to store the upgraded SDK instance in the same directroy and port number as tour current one. Please run the following command:

Pull the images

docker run -it --name updated-dito-sdk-instance
         -v {path to config directory as previous SDK instance}:/etc/opt/dito/shared
         -v {path to work directory as previous SDK instance}:/var/opt/dito
         -p {same port as last SDK instance}:8080
         itext/dito-sdk:{upgraded version}
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