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.Can I link to data sources (e.g. ERP, CRM, databases) to insert data directly into templates? viText_DITO_1.5

Yes, we support data binding using the JSON format. The following example shows data binding using JSON to create tickets for an event:

Imagine you already have all the necessary information of the people attending stored in a database. You want to gather the relevant data from the database and insert it into a ticket template which produces a PDF that you can send to the attendees. You can use data binding to connect data in the database to elements in your template.

The first thing you need to add is a first name. You need to create JSON data defining the data bind property, followed by the field value.

The JSON-data could look like this:

    "first_name": "John"

first_name is the value of the data bind property of a field, while the field value taken from the data source is John. If you specify a field containing text input and bind the input to first_name, the field will automatically resolve to John.

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