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Font style selector

The font style selector extracts all characters with the specified font style.

The Select style property specifies the font style of characters to be extracted.

  • From selection:  The font style selector identifies the font style using the text within the data field's region and extracts all characters with the same font style from the PDF document.

Four options allow you to specify the needed font style regardless of the content of the region. 

  • Bold 
  • Italic 
  • Normal
  • Bold Italic

The picture below shows the extraction with the from selection parameter

If there are several font styles being used for text in the defined region, only the first one will be picked up.


The font style selector picks up only the font style (regular, bold, italic), ignoring other font properties such as font family and font size. If all of these properties should be compared, use the font selector instead.

Expert mode keyword


Output data format: 


List of selectors

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