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Font color selector

This is independent from a data field's region.

It selects all text with a given (approximate) RGB value, where the color comparison is calculated with a given tolerance value.

The RGB color value is defined in a case-insensitive HEX format with an optional # prefix, e.g. "#FFFFFF" and "ffffff" are both valid values of the color white. If the PDF document uses a non-RGB color model, a conversion to RGB is performed.

The tolerance corresponds to the DeltaE value in color difference computation. A value of 2 and below means that the colors are visually indistinguishable.

Codes for some basic colors.

#FFFFFF - white
#000000 - black
#CCCCCC - dark grey.
#0000FF - blue
#FF0000 - red
#00FF00 - green

Expert mode keyword

fontColor: rgb=#10DC4B, tolerance=1

Output data format: 


List of selectors

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